The pressure washing that we offer is always a pleasant experience.
Home Star provides a professional pressure washer service that is great for residential pressure washing. So you can have the best pressure washer out there at your disposal, whenever you want to pressure wash. And it’s all affordable. Our residential pressure washing services save you time, and the cost of a new commercial pressure washer. Which can be very expensive.
We pressure wash decks, concrete driveways, and soft wash roofs and siding. Whatever type of surface you need cleaned we pressure wash it, with the appropriate amount of pressure. – and we clean it right.
If you need soft washing services or residential pressure washing services. Call us at (651)-955-8143
We pressure clean your house for you with the right amount of pressure the job dictates. Some jobs need more, some need much much less than you would imagine. The wrong amount of pressure on the wrong surface can spell disaster. Oxidation on your houses siding. Pulling granules from your roof and voiding the warranty. And even etching your concrete. Vinyl siding and roofs need a low pressure solution. Same thing with Stucco, if you hit it too hard it will pull the mortar clean off your home.
If you’re looking for the best pressure washing company in the twin cities , then look no further. call us Home Star (651)-955-8143 to schedule an appointment today!