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If you suspect you have storm damage reach out to us to schedule an appoinment for a  free inspection. We typically are able to schedule an apoinment for your free inspection in about 24-48 hours. 


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Frequent Questions


What does an insurance claim denial mean?

If you file an insurance claim and it is denied it can mean a few things. If you’re claim is denied it doesn’t mean thats the end all be all. You are entitled to a second opion, a re-inspection from a different adjuster.

It could also mean that there wasn’t enough storm damage to warrent a repair or a replacement. Again, this is subject to another inspection if you choose that. 


If I have an old roof can I still file a claim?

Yes. Unless you have a policy that limits you from doing so. Most RCV(Replacement Cost Value) policies will take an old roof into consideration. It just changes the payout structure. You get the majority of the recoverable depreciation after the job is completed on an older roof. Which works differently than it would on a newer roof. 

You still receive the same pay out regardless. 


Will filing a claim raise my rates?

Not typically. In Minnesota insurance rates based on storm damage are raised by zip codes affected. Not on individuals who file. This is due to the fact that storm damage isn’t based on negligence.

While this may be common in most cases. This may not always be the case and its best to talk to your insurance first. 


Can you build without payment up front?

Yes. If you have a contact signed with one of our contractors and the insurance company approves your claim we can start building as soon as we have an opening. Sometimes that’s a matter of days, in the busier part of the season it could be 2-3 weeks.

If its a cash bid job we can but typically we do payments in 3rds. One down payment, one installation at the start of the build, one at completion.